About Me


My Background

As a young girl my greatest passions were dance including ballet, contemporary dance, jazz and tap dancing, I studied these full time for five years whilst also enjoying art as my main hobby. I later attended college studying life drawing, still life subjects and portrait painting and this led on to painting animals. I also worked in a secondary school in the art, music and drama department helping children with individual learning needs. In 2015 I moved to Selsey, West Sussex where I have my studio at home in my garden by the sea. 


My Inspiration

Art and nature have always been an inspiring and fascinating, life enriching passion of mine. The animals I paint and the natural world around us never ceases to thrill and delight, giving me the  chance to get those ‘creative juices flowing.’ I confess I am completely seduced by the cute and cuddly animals I’ve been lucky enough to see and paint such as the Sea Otter, Penguin chick and Koala, however, I am also enchanted by the majestic beauty of animals such as the Tawny owl, Wild stag, and White swan. 

When drawing or painting I am particularly drawn to the expression of the body language of my subject and the feeling this provokes in me, also to the eyes often referred to as ‘Windows to the Soul’. When the feeling of these elements is conveyed then the rest of the picture follows with a natural rhythm reflecting the light and colours found in the subject’s own environment. 


Meeting Me

   I hope you enjoy looking at my Art work, my mediums are Pastel pencil, Acrylic and Oils.  I sell my work at Art and Craft fairs along the South Coast, if you would like to come and see me and my work in person, please see my events page. Thank you for your interest.